A typical reading

When I read, I look both inside and on the back of your hand.

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It is said that palmistry comes from India where you can study at university or college for 4 years in palmistry and astrology: they belong with each other. All the planets are also represented in the hands.

Feet can also be read (I don’t read feet): you see in feet how you come into this life while in the hands, you read how you live this life. Hands are connected to the heart: they give and they receive.

  • Who are you?
  • what is going on in your life right now?
  • How do you move on?
  • How to use your potentials in your present situation?

I look at:

  • Your personality
  • Your resources, talents and abilities, etc…
  • Life learning processes and transformations
  • How you best make use of your actual possililities
  • The theme in your life here and now
  • Your present challenges
  • Your home, work, relationship, family relationships
  • How you best can help and heal yourself
  • Counseling, coaching

I advise that you write your questions down before you come to me. Your hands give me the answers to your questions.

You will find that one hour goes terribly fast.

Couple reading

Husband and wife – parent and child – collegues – etc.

The couples get their hand read one at a time, while the other one listens.
During the analysis of the couple, we’ll discuss among other things:

  • Common strengths
  • How you can be supportive to one another
  • Harmonization in the couple
  • etc…
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home parties

I will gladly come home to your home…

  • Invite 1 – 5 persons at your house
  • I sit  in a separate room and read individually.
  • Phone/write about possible dates for your appointment


I read people of all ages from year zero.

Under 18 years: with the permission of an adult or a grown up.

Under 15 years: with the presence of a parent or an adult