Myriam Rose Wauquiez

Born in France in 1952, Settled in Denmark in 1975.

I can speak English, Danish and French fluently.

Since 1976, I have been studying healing, meditation, yoga, tarot, theosophy, different kinds of body therapy, astrology, psychology, dream interpretation, NLP, hypnosis, etc


  • Heilpraktiker (German naturopath, examined by medical doctors)
  • Acupuncture
  • Palmistry, handreading
  • Healthcare assistant
  • Hypnosis
  • NLP therapy.
  • Master Hypnotherapist
  • Master NLP practitioner

During an 11 year period, I nursed/took care of dying young people in their homes. They were my best life teachers, and granted me huge life experience.

I have read palms professionally since 1999, before that: as a kid´s games. It is my passion. I have read people of all ages, all social classes from bottom to top, and walks of life and people of many different nationalities. I love that everyone is so different, though the same.

It is my aspiration to inspire you to live your life happily and fully.

I consider I have duty of confidentiality.

To profit from a good advice requires more wisdom than to give it