Send Pictures

Get a reading
by sending a picture

Get a reading by sending pictures

Start by making an appointment with me. Tell me how old you are (sorry!) and if you are right or left handed.

Send pics of one hand at a time and each side (4 photos) from fingertips to the wrist. I need to see clearly your lines. Day light is best.

Also pictures of your fingerprints: your index finger especially.

You will receive my undivided attention for one hour or half an hour (your choice) reading for 87/45 euros.

The reading is best done on the phone or through Whatsapp.

Please, write any specific questions on paper before the reading.


I read people of all ages from year zero.

Under 18 years: with the permission of an adult or a grown up.

Under 15 years: with the presence of a parent or an adult